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NZ manufacturer of
cake hardware made to
suit your requirements

We manufacture cake boards, hardware cake supplies and handmake
cake tins and all sorts of cutters. Customer driven, custom work to
meet the customers requirements. 

**We now have on offer Black Foiled products! Black foil available in 2mm Pattern Card, 4mm Pattern Card, 4mm MDF Wrap Boards, 6mm MDF Wrap Boards and 12mm MDF Wrap boards**

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Why choose us?

  • Kiwi Made - Local product, easy to communicate with and contact.
  • Produce to orders - Custom options, we will work with you to produce what you require, not just provide what we have in stock. Because we manufacture we can make to order, local products locally made.
  • Good Product, Good Price, Good Delivery - We meet customers requirements where possible. E.g if they ring in the morning needing something urgently we will make it and have it on the courier the same day.

Our customers say

“We have been dealing with Don and Dee Sees for over 10 years......."
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